Spa Tips – November 2017

Spa Tips
November 2017  – Water Conservation

One of the benefits of owning a spa for those of us who like a hot soak, is saving water, and with council charging for water in, as well as water out, you don’t want to be running that shower or bath for longer than necessary. Even more important if you are on tank water as I am. Your spa water will stay cleaner and last longer if you keep your Ph and Alkalinity in balance. I check these weekly and adjust when I clean my filters. You use less chlorine then too.

Your water reaches what we call saturation point quicker with each thing added, whether its hair or body products like moisturiser or sunscreen or spa chemicals. Everything adds to the water.  A shower before a spa can be a good idea, especially if you’ve been working in the garden, and this really lengthens your waters life.

Around November is a good time to refill your spa if you are reliant on rainfall. Spring rains ensure a full tank now, but things can dry up and come January its all a lot more precious.
Its a good idea to pre-filter the water so its free of anything in the water right at the beginning!

This Months Special

If you are doing a fresh fill and don’t yet have a Pre-filter I’m specialing this for our birthday. 15% off right now giving you $41.25 discount. This filters the water going in to your spa and if you are running a salt system, it really is essential. Mention my newsletter to get the discount.

Spa Promo on now!

Being our thirteenth birthday we are discounting all our floor spas along with HotSpring’s current promo, so if you know anyone keen to get their own spa, let them know they can choose a HotSpring right here for the same fantastic deal offered in the city! If they mention at their first visit you recommended us, you get a $100 YardArt voucher to spend on whatever you want.  Don’t be shy…tell all your mates and let them reap the benefits too.

Note that we are OPEN 7 Days as usual.
Hours Monday to Friday are 9-5pm
Weekends and Public Holidays 10 to 3pm each day and then we resume normal hours. Do get back to us with any questions.Happy Spa-ing,

Tricia, Gilbert & the YardArt team


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