Spa Tips – July 2017

Well, maybe not this week with the mid winter storms we’ve been having, but there is actually scientific proof that soaking in hot water is good for you physically and mentally. Soaking in hot, bubbly water stimulates the release of endorphins, which are the body’s natural ‘feel good’ chemical.

I don’t have to tell you spa owners out there how good soaking in hot water makes you feel do I? Why am I telling you then? Because sometimes life is so busy we forget to stop… or our current ‘stop’ is in front of a screen.  Because sometimes the hustle of the day and the bustle of dinner leaves us feeling too tired to wander outside to spa.

The other day a young couple who are considering buying a spa, told me that they have stopped talking. Not in the literal sense, but they spend hours after dinner watching a movie individually, or checking facebook while listening to music, sometimes both of them with headphones on.

Once again…maybe not this week with the stormy weather we’ve had but what better way to reconnect every night, with a hot spa together. This will leave you feeling refreshed and naturally rejuvenated. The increase in endorphins can strengthen the immune system, improve sleep, prevent headaches and energize the body. Make an appointment with the one you love, or even yourself, and treat yourself to all that.

I’d love to hear how using your spa regularly has helped you. All replies go into a draw for a free silver Ionizer .

Silver Ioniser
This Months Special

This month we have on special the Silver Ioniser. Normally $49 you will get 15% off if you mention this newsletter.

This little cartridge slips down into your filter box, either onto a bracket or into the filter centre. It lasts four months and during that time releases silver ions when the filtration system is running. The silver ions help stop bacteria from multiplying and this reduces the amount of chlorine you use keeping our water cleaner.

Triangle Spa
Spa Promo on now!

For the Month of July we have some great specials on our floor spas and after advertising it last week, promptly sold three. We also have the little triangle spa pictured for under 10K and it tucks nicely into a corner.

If you know someone who is interested in buying a spa or have been thinking about an upgrade, then give me a call for more details. If they mention you referred them, you get a $100 thank you credit if they purchase, which you can spend on anything at YardArt.

Hours are 9 to 5pm each day and 10 to 3pm on weekends and public holidays. Do get back to us with any questions.Happy Spa-ing,

Tricia, Gilbert & the YardArt team

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