Spa Tips – August 2017

Spa Tips
August 17

Want a stronger, fitter more supple you?

I mentioned recently I had a fall and careered across our slippery deck. At physiotherapy sessions I told Helen I much prefer to exercise in the spa, than up against a wall or on the floor and she obliged by making them water friendly. I want to share why this has been so good for me as it might help you too.

Helen has designed the exercises to increase my flexibility and strengthen where I need it. Its perfect, being gentle, saving time and I feel fantastic after. You don’t even have to have an accident to do this! Make a time for an assessment and ask for exercises that you can do in the spa.

I do these for ten-twenty minutes each morning and as I wake up stiff, the hot water relaxes muscles and allows me much better stretches than I could do otherwise.  You already have a spa, so make even better use of it and gain a stronger, fitter and more supple you. Email me if you want to know more.

Test Strips
This Months Special

Check the date on your test strips. Many people don’t realise they are dated and may give false readings after the use by date. Remember to check your Ph and Alkalinity weekly. Keeping these in balance is important for three reasons.

When in balance your chlorine is better utilised, so you use less.

Lime and scale may damage internal workings if unbalanced.

Your water feels better and stays cleaner longer.

Special – until the 31st of August, mention ‘Spa Tips Newsletter’ and get 15% off Freshwater Test strips and Salt Test Strips.

Current Spa Promo
Spa Promo on now!

Pictured is a second hand spa just come on the floor. Barely six months old, its a great buy. Give me call if you are interested.

Until the 13th of August HotSpring have an awesome Trade In Deal, and you don’t even have to bring a spa in to get it. A HotSpring Spa fitted with with an ACE Salt Water System has a minimum of $3,500 off the purchase price.

If you know someone who is interested in buying a spa or have been thinking about an upgrade yourself, then give me a call.

If they mention you referred them at first visit, you get a $100 thank you credit if they purchase, which you can spend on anything at YardArt!

Note that we are OPEN 7 Days. Hours are 9 to 5pm weekdays and 10 to 3pm weekends and public holidays. Do get back to me with any questions.Happy Spa-ing,

Tricia, Gilbert & the YardArt team

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