Natural Paving-Path Grade


Natural paving is a plastic honeycomb mat with a geotextile bonded to the base. Pebbles are trapped in the matrix that is hidden just below the surface, keeping all the pebbles stable and the surface flat. Path grade is perfect for Pathways, patios and paving giving you a natural alternative to other paving solutions out there.

Solid and stable once the pebbles are locked in you can put your furniture on it without fear of it sinking and becoming unstable, and even walk on it in stilletos!

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Natural Paving is innovative and unique.

The geometric design of the cells, and the permeable geotextile welded to the base of the mat reduces puddles and runoff but also acts as a weedmat.

That’s the Natural Paving difference! It’s easy to install, requiring only the recommended foundation and pebbles to succeed.

Ideal for paths and patios, use as an alternative to hard paving or concrete.

Mat size 0.8m x 1.2m (0.96m2) cell depth 40mm.


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