Natural Paving-Garden Grade


Natural Paving is a plastic honeycomb mat with a permeable, weed resistant geotextile welded to its base. This is the ideal solution to keeping the pebbles and bark in place in your garden, and it is specifically made to stop the movement of decorative pebbles and bark around and under plants, and will conform to the shape of the garden.

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Keep your pebble, bark and shell gardens looking as stylish and tidy as the day they were installed with this versatile landscaping solution. It uses honeycomb cells to hold pebbles, bark or shell in place & stops your fill shifting, causing unsightly “bald” spots. The days of dodging stones with your lawnmower are over. The geotextile welded to the base of our Natural Paving Garden Grade is permeable to allow rainwater to filter through, as the mat is hidden.
Natural Paving Garden Grade mats are economical and easy to install. The mat size is manageable for gardeners of all ages and experience levels. Simply lay them on your prepared base. They naturally conform to uneven contours and can be combined with any edging of your choice. They sit side by side without the need for fiddly clips or fittings and, once your fill of pebbles, bark, gravel or shell has been laid on top, the welded Geotextile (weedmat) base will keep the mats in place for virtually maintenance-free aesthetic appeal. Mats are easily trimmed with scissors.


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