Natural Paving-Vehicle Grade


Natural Paving is a plastic honeycomb mat with a permeable, weed resistant geotextile welded to its base. This keeps the mat buried and it invisibly locks pebbles in place so you can capture the essence of New Zealand’s natural pathways at your place, and still enjoy all the benefits of a hard pavement.


Vehicle Grade is for pavements that carry vehicles including trucks and buses.

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Vehicle grade is ideal for creating natural and inviting driveways, car parks and turning areas.

It stays looking flat, uniform and professional. Pebbles do not migrate in areas subject to repeat wheel tracking or turning. Vehicle grade Natural Paving can be used to stabilise pebbles in public car parking areas. A Vehicle grade pavement is stable and permeable. Pebbles stay flat and firm like a hard paved surface making it ideal for driving or walking on, even in silettos, or with walking sticks. Cycle wheels won’t sink in the pebbles. It is also good for hard-stand areas for trailers and caravans.Pebbles need to be clean, and ideally, graded from 5 to 15mm. For more ideas on pebbles refer to the ‘Materials and it is safe to use on slopes of up to 1 in 6 (9.5° slope) with rounded aggregate, and 1 in 5 (or 11 degrees) if using a crushed aggregate.

Mat size is 1.14m x 2.15m (2.45m2) and cell depth is 40mm.


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