Friends Of YardArt – September 2017

Friends of YardArt
September 2017

After earthworks at our back door I decided to revamp the space, and now loving my tea Infuser, started a healing garden. The idea being I grow the herbs I want to use, so I can pluck the leaves fresh, pour hot water over and enjoy its goodness immediately. See below for first stage pics and I will post some more as we progress. In the meantime if you have a grumpy Dad at your place, see below for a great idea that will help Dad, and I promise, all the family will love.


Dads Day Spa

Whose Dad doesn’t have a sore back? There is nothing like a soak before bed to relax those muscles giving a deeper, more relaxing sleep.  Looking for something the whole family will enjoy?

We have some great floor specials that will help Dad all year round, so if your Dad needs a deep sleep. Get back to me or come see us at YardArt and have a chat.

Night Spa

I talked about Mark Dimock last month and many marveled over his clever sculpture. If you haven’t been in to enjoy his exhibition of outdoor art, this serves as a reminder that his work is here for one more month, with 15% off.

Using farm implements and native birds, his sculptures are one off pieces of New Zealand heritage to take forward to the future.

Kahu Picking Corn

At the moment I’m in Christchurch and luckily the first week was all sun as we wait for a new grandchild to be born, so I busied myself in the veggie patch, planting lettuce, peas, bok choi, broccoli, silver beet, spinach and strawberries, with herbs in the corners. I’m hoping the pea straw will protect from possible frosts and I’m having the time of my life!

Whats a healing garden? In mine I’ve included the herbs I like to have in my tea infuser to start with, like chamomile, lemon balm and thyme, while in the old rims and a couple of barrels, I’ve put violas, miners lettuce, lemongrass and stevia. At the back fence I’ve put Kawakawa, which grows large and bushy and makes a delicious tea when brewed with ginger. At the side of the henhouse I planted catmint, so she hangs around keeping mice at bay. Then rosemary under the nesting boxes to add to the nests to keep mites away.

Here you see we have nestled the Alpine riverstone on a bed of Gap 7 and popped the planting around them. Next we will lay in Waikato Gold. We will show you another progress picture soon.

If you want to know more about a healing garden, see Tricia, Anne or email me here! That’s it folks, get back to me if you want to ask or comment on anything.

Tricia, Gilbert & the YardArt team

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