Friends Of YardArt – August 2017

Friends of YardArt

August 2017

In July NZ Gardener there’s a wonderful Hot Toddy I will share with you here if you are battling winter ills. Probably not one for the kids but so yummy it could just be a winter warmer. Put a tablespoon of honey, or a couple of dates, with a nip of whiskey into a mug and a cinnamon stick. Add lemon juice to taste and top up with boiling water.

Pop a couple of sprigs of thyme in there for a couple of minutes. Thyme has natural antibacterial properties which will boost your Vitamin C and alleviate sore throats and coughs.  A great winter warmer and good for you too.

Fish on Tail water feature
The natural soothing sounds of water can soften a garden and it doesn’t need to be grand. Designed to sit inside a pond here we have ‘Fish on a Tail’ made by Steve.

If you are thinking of adding a water feature to your garden it pays to plan. It will soon be time to do ground preparation while the soil is still soft and planting will take off in the Spring. By Xmas it will look amazing.

Two person Triangle Spa
Until August 13th we are accepting Trade Ins, giving you a great discount, and we don’t even have to get your spa. A bucket will do! Different discounts apply to different packages, so if the timing is right, do pop in and talk to us, sooner rather than later, and be enjoying your spa by Spring.

Pictured is the Triangle two person spa and we have a second hand one just come on the floor, so if that interests you get back to me as soon as possible!

Girls in mud!
In the August Kids Page in Valley Voice we look at what layers of soil look like below ground and how you can make what you have at your place work for you, whether its clay or free draining.

All children love mud and filling a bucket will tell you what your soil is made up of.  Give them a spade and they’ll be gone for hours. You can view our children’s monthly blog here in ‘Off the Sofa’.

Dimock selection
We are pretty excited to be showcasing Mark Dimock’s sculpture work.  Click here  to see more…

He has been an artist with us from the very start and has just delivered some stunning new work that includes old farm implements in the sculpture. I can guarantee you will love these pieces. For a limited time we have discounted all his work by 15%. Be prepared to fall in love!

That’s it folks, get back to me if you want to ask or comment on anything.

Tricia, Gilbert & the YardArt team

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