Featured Artist – Mark Dimock

Mark Dimock has been selling his artworks at YardArt since the day we first opened, having met him in 2004, and he has been one of our best selling artists ever since. It goes without saying we love his visits and his work, and many of you have enjoyed selecting special pieces also.

Born in Wellington in 1958 and exhibiting since 1975, he wears many hats as an artist and excels in all. We particularly show his sculptures which are often made from recycled materials, totara fence posts, hardwood power poles, steel and you will see he often keeps the original source still identifiable. Like a saw blade on an outstretched wing or bolt holes on a post complete with lichen. Each piece individual.


Mark welcomes commissions and is happy to design work for a specific space so keep that in mind when you take a look here at YardArt. Over the next two months Mark’s work will be showcased with some lovely new pieces, and to celebrate that we are taking 15% off all his work on display. 


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