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Off The Sofa – October 2017

What is a weed? Well, it depends on whether you want that plant in that space, as to whether you think its a weed or not. Weeds are mostly a plant that seeds freely and sometimes is difficult to get rid of. Sometimes, what one person might want to get rid of, another might love […]

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Friends Of YardArt – October 2017

Friends of YardArt October 2017 This feels like the longest winter! If the rain would ever end so we can dry out a little, I might be able to get some work done in the garden. I just seem to be making lists of all the things I want to do. Lists are not a […]

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Friends Of YardArt – August 2017

Friends of YardArt August 2017 In July NZ Gardener there‚Äôs a wonderful Hot Toddy I will share with you here if you are battling winter ills. Probably not one for the kids but so yummy it could just be a winter warmer. Put a tablespoon of honey, or a couple of dates, with a nip […]

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