Friends Of YardArt – January 2018

Friends of YardArt
January 2018

Happy New Year everybody! We’re back!

I’m as brown as a berry and most people assume I sat on a beach for the Christmas break, but I had a lot more fun working in the garden, something I don’t ever get sick of. Grandchildren came and went. Tents went up, down and up again and we enjoyed all the usual eats and treats.

I loved it and am feeling recharged for a great year ahead, hope you are too!

Storm damage at YardArt

I don’t know if you had storm damage at your place but we flipped the tramp, put away all the paraphernalia four young children leave on the lawn and locked down the spa just before it unleashed. The water tanks refilled, thirsty plants drank and we tucked up for a few days catching up on indoor jobs.

The photo above shows some of the damage at YardArt where we didn’t get off quite so lightly… Hope your place fared better than ours!

Night SpaThis months Spa Promo is a beauty, so if you are saving for a spa, this might be for you. Until 21st January HotSpring have FIFTY MONTHS interest free! I told you it was a goodie.

HotSpring have put together a package for each spa and we have the same deals here at YardArt. You can have it delivered and use it while you are paying for it. The interest free part makes it a great deal.

Get back to me soon if you want to know more!

The kids in KaiauaI write a kids page called “Off the Sofa” in our local newspaper the Valley Voice every month designed to encourage children outdoors. This years focus will be on edible flowers and I will be encouraging children to be observant when they are outdoors. To really know what’s in the gardens around them, and of course to NEVER EAT ANYTHING unless they are absolutely sure.

“Off the Sofa” can also be read online or if you ever want a PDF version, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

50 Months Interest Free!

We are back to our normal hours now which are, open seven days,

Monday to Friday: 9am-5pm
Weekends and Public Holidays: 10am-3pm

That’s it folks, get back to me if you want to ask or comment on anything.

Tricia, Gilbert & the YardArt team

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